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About Us Here at SAJ, we pride ourselves on our traditional and elaborate gold jewellery that tells ancient stories of Indian spirituality and culture. With over 100 expert goldsmiths, we design both ready to order and custom-made jewellery for any occasion.

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"An ode to beautiful romantic traditions ~ Capture the magic of celebrations of love in every piece we craft.”

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Crafting Jewellery Since 1900.

Sri Annamalaiyar Jewellery has been the leading jewellery designer from South India for the past 120 years. We specialize in nagas jewellery, antique jewellery, temple jewellery and custom-made pieces made from 100% pure gold and the highest quality jewels.

Established in 1960, Sri Annamalaiyar Jewellery is to date the leading jewellery company in South India with expertise in supplying Nagas jewellery and antique jewellery. After more than 50 years of experience SAJ has established itself as an outstanding name providing the highest quality of artistic and thoughtful designs crafted into masterful pieces of the finest purity.Sri Annamalaiyar Jewellery specializes in temple jewellery as it epitomizes and honors India’s rich history and tradition.

This unique aesthetic takes the wearer of this jewellry on a journey through time and creates a sense of connection to an ancient era bursting with elaborate beauty and culture. Gods and Goddesses and ageless spiritual personifications adorn these ornate designs of pure gold and sparkling jewels so that the wearer can’t help but feel like a goddess herself. The craftsmanship provided by Sri Annamalaiyar Jewellery is unmatched in all of South India.

Both pre-designed and custom-made pieces are available per our client’s requests. Enhance your look and let your personality shine by designing your own jewellery with the help and expertise of SAJ’s exceptionally skilled goldsmiths. Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the artistically unrivaled and beautifully traditional world of Sri Annamalaiyar Jewellery.

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Let your style make a statement with designs that are sure to make your heart dance with joy.


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Let your style make a statement with designs that are sure to make your heart dance with joy.


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Let your style make a statement with designs that are sure to make your heart dance with joy.



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